Why Are Logos Getting Simpler? (Solid Reasons)

Logos play an essential role in the growth of every industry and product. The logo gives a unique identity to the product and helps grab the attention of its users and viewers. There was a time when companies used to make complex logos to grab attention. These attention grabbers composed of multi-colors and signs are known as complex logos.

The trend of using simple logos is emerging day by day. But a digital marketer may think, Why Are Logos Getting Simpler? If you are one of them, then stay connected. We are going to discuss it in detail.

These complex logos have now become a part of history. Most companies rely on simple logos to give a unique identity to their products.

Logos Getting Simpler: Myth Or Reality

People usually notice and talk about the trend that logos are getting simpler. People may think, “why are logos getting simpler.” Is it a reality or just a myth? Well, one can debate this and the level of simplicity of the logos. But this is the reality that logos are getting simpler now than their vast history of complexity.

According to Zippia’s logo stats, almost 95% of companies use almost 2 colors while designing their logo. Moreover, some large brands like Apple have simple logos. Simple logos can quickly grab attention because they are easy to understand.

Complex logos can also perform this job, provided they should be designed well. But most companies now prefer simple logos to complex ones. These facts reveal that logos are getting simpler nowadays.

3 Reasons: Why Are Logos Getting Simpler?

There may be multiple reasons, from the company’s personal choice to their experience with the growth of the logo. However, some reasons force almost every Duolingo Account to rely on more straightforward logos. These principal reasons are discussed below.

Reasons why logos are getting simpler

1. Easy To Remember

In contrast to complex logos, simple logos are easy to remember. Viewers can notice and store them in their memories faster than complex logos.

Moreover, when the owner wants to make changes, they can make it easily without affecting the logo’s base. Simple logos are easy to alter without losing their identity.

2. Mobile Friendly

Most of the brands are now available online. Everyone can approach them using mobiles. They have built their site for advertising. These simple logos are more mobile-friendly than complex ones.

This is the reason most people use simple logos. Simple logos are not only mobile-friendly but also engine friendly.

3. Pocket Friendly

Different people provide different services. Logo designing is also one of them. Companies are available that provide logo designing services. Individuals have also mastered the skills of logo designing and providing this on various platforms.

The best thing about this is simple logos are easy to design and cost less. Most people demand very little money for simple logo design, which makes it better than other logos.

Easy Way To Convey Message

Competition is emerging among companies. They are advertising on various platforms using their brand logo and brand name Joom Account. The more messages they convey, the more attention they get. The simple logo is also accepted over complex logos because they send clear messages to the viewers.

Complex logos sometimes become so complex that a clear message cannot be delivered, while in simple logos, one can be away from distractions and deliver messages in simple ways.

Less Space To Adapt

One of the best features a logo should have is that it should be easy to adapt to various mediums. Whether it is going to print on digital media, print media, or any other hard material, it should be able to adapt itself according to the space.

The simple logo provides this feature. If one wants to print its logo on the coffee mug, one can use a simple logo that covers less space but delivers the complete message. Complex logos cannot provide this feature. Hence simple logos are primarily used instead of complex logos.

In this emerging world of technology, it is not a difficult job to design a simple logo. You can even design it by yourself. You can learn logo designing skills through logo designing courses.

An even more straightforward step is that you can design it without any knowledge using various platforms like Canva. It will take you seconds to design a logo. Moreover, you can hire some logo designing services.


Every brand wants to make itself unique from others. It wants to stand out in the eyes of its viewers. While doing this, they want to design a tech-friendly, pocket-friendly logo and want ease in this matter. All these features can be attained using a simple logo.

Moreover, every person now acquires the skill of logo designing, and a simple logo can be designed efficiently using a free platform. I hope you have got the answer to “why are logos getting simpler.”

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