Dev Error 5479 MW2: How to Fix It Without Losing Your Data

Dev Error 5479 MW2 is a common error that players may face while playing the MW2 game. This error can cause the game to crash or prevent players from accessing its multiplayer mode.

If you are facing this issue, do not worry, as there are several potential solutions that you can try to fix. In this article, we will explore these solutions in detail to help you get back to enjoying your game without any interruptions.

What Is Dev Error 5479 MW2

This is an issue that occurs in the MW2. It usually appears when there is an issue with the game’s files.

The error can cause the game to crash or prevent players from accessing its multiplayer match.

Causes Of The dev error 5479 mw2

There are the following causes behind this issue:

1. Interference Among Files

Your PC contains various files. It may include overlays, gaming files, and anti-virus programs. These files and programs can interfere with each other, and with the gaming files, When this interference occurs, the MW2 error code will erupt. This issue is one of them. Hence, interference is considered a significant factor that triggers this error.

2. Outdated Version Of Game

If the game is of an outdated version, you may see the fault. The outdated version also has fewer features than the updated version. Your gaming experience will also need improvement with the outdated version of the game. Hence, it is considered the cause of the fault.

3. Server Downtime

If a lot of players are trying to access the game at the same time, then Gold Flake Error in MW2 may occur. It’s said that the server goes down when there is more traffic than usual. There are some other factors too that can trigger the error message. Hence it is said that server downtime is one of the causes of the error message.

How to Fix Dev Error 5479 in MW2: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are the following steps you can take to fix the issue:

1. Disable Overlays

There are various overlays available online that you can use and install according to your needs. These pre-installed overlays include Discord, Razer Synapse, etc. When many such overlays are installed, they may conflict with each other, even if they conflict with the MW2. In this case, you will see various MW2 errors

Hence it is recommended to fix the MW2 error by disabling the overlays. When you disable the overlays, the issue will get resolved automatically. This step will help you fix Travis Rilea Error Code MW2 but don’t worry if the issue persists. There are more tips for you in this article to fix the dev issue code 5479 modern warfare 2 dev. Keep reading.

2. Disable Windows Firewall Or Antivirus

Antivirus programs are beneficial for protecting your system. However, they can also infect your MW2 gaming file. Hence, errors can occur. It is necessary to prevent interference between various files to fix the message

Hence, you can disable the Antivirus program to fix the Dev Error 11152 MW2 PS5. But remember, this is a temporary step to fix the issue because you can’t disable antivirus for long.

3. Turn Off Controlled Folder Access

Many players have suggested that the issue be fixed when they Turn Off Controlled Folder Access. Hence, It is considered one of the recommended steps to fix the MW2 DirectX Error Code. Just follow the simple step to fix the issue:

  • Visit the Windows security and press the CTRL plus I. 
  • This command will open the Windows settings.
  • Here you can select the privacy and security option.
  • Then select the Threat and virus protection option.
  • Find and click on Manage Ransomware Protection.
  • If the Controlled folder access option is on, you can turn it off from here.

After these steps, the issue will be fixed immediately.

4. Restart Your PC

After testing the steps mentioned above, you can restart your PC to fix MW2 Dev Error 11642. When you restart the PC, the background running application and gaming file will get a fresh start. 

When they start from zero, the interference between and among various will be less. Hence, your gaming experience will be better, and you will even be less able to see the fault. Therefore, turn off the PC and restart it.

5. Reinstall The MW2

If you have tried all the steps mentioned above but are still facing the fault, you have left with only one more solution to fix the MW2 Niamey Lee Error Code. This is just reinstalling your MW2. You can find the location of the previously installed game and uninstall it. 

By uninstalling the old game, the corrupt file will also be deleted. Hence, Reinstall the new and updated version of the game. This updated version will have more features than the old version. Moreover, it will also show you fewer errors than the old version. Hence, just reinstall your MW2 to fix the error code.


This error MW2 can be a troublesome issue for MW2 players, but it is not an insurmountable problem. By trying out the solutions we discussed in this article, you can troubleshoot and fix this error, enabling you to enjoy the game to its fullest. Remember to always keep your game updated, and ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game smoothly

If you are still experiencing issues after trying these solutions, it may be worth seeking further assistance from the game’s support team or online communities. With a bit of patience and perseverance, you can overcome message 5479 in the MW2 issue and continue playing your favorite game without any hiccups.

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