How To Fix The Cod MW2 Game Ship Error?

If you are a fan of the classic game Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 (MW2), you may have encountered the cod MW2 Error that prevents you from enjoying this beloved title. The game ship error typically occurs when there is an issue with the game’s installation files or compatibility problems with your system. 

In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to fix the MW2 error and get you back into the action-packed world of this iconic application. Whether you are a seasoned player or a new enthusiast, our troubleshooting tips will help you resolve the issue. Let’s dive in.

What Is Meant By Cod MW2 Game Ship Error?

This is an error that occurs when trying to run or play the application. It is often associated with problems related to the game’s installation, compatibility with the operating system or hardware, or other technical issues. 

These issues prevent the application from launching or functioning correctly. When encountering the application ship error, players may experience difficulties starting the application or encounter crashes, freezes, or other gameplay disruptions. 

Causes Of The Cod MW2 Game Ship Error

There are the following causes behind the issue

1. Server Downtime

If you are having server downtime then you should avoid playing the application. During the server downtime, the application will fail to run smoothly and you may face various Call of Duty MW2 gaming issues. This issue is one of them. Hence wait until the server goes up and then start playing the application without the issue. 

2. Outdated Version 

Outdated versions of the application, as well as the browser, can be the cause of the issue. With the outdated version, you will not be able to play the application. Games will also have fewer features, the gaming experience will be down and you may face the MW2 game error

3. Stored Cache

The browser can store the cache file. These cache files can interfere with the gaming file when this happens, you will not be able to play the application smoothly. It will also act badly. You will also face the issue.

How To Fix The Cod MW2 Game Ship Error?

You can take the following steps to fix the Cod MW2 Game Ship Error:

1. Run MW2 as an Administrator

If you are facing the issue like as Darktide Error Code 9999 then you can follow this step to fix the issue. Most of the players have suggested that running the application as an administrator can eliminate the error. 

Hence you should follow this step to fix the fault. You can run the application as an administrator by following the below-given steps:

  • Open the Steam library.
  • You can find and click on the MW2 application option.
  • Go to its properties by clicking the right button.
  • Then you can navigate to the local tab option. 
  • Right-click on the MW2 app and go to its properties.
  • Find and click on the option of compatibility. 
  • Here you can run the game as an administrator by selecting the relevant option.
  • Refresh the application.

Hope you will not face the issue, but if you are still facing the error, then please keep reading the article, we have mentioned a lot of other tips for you to fix the issue. So keep reading. 

2. Disable Overlays and Troubleshoot

You can fix the error code by disabling overlays and troubleshooting. You can Disable overlays and troubleshoot by following the below-given steps; 

  • Open the Steam library, and find the MW2 application option there.
  • Go to its properties by clicking the right button.
  • The steam overlay in-application option will be enabled, disable this option.
  • Now open Steam and go to its setting tab
  • Open the Nvidia GeForce Experience and go to its settings tab.
  • Here you can find and click on the general tab option. 
  • You will find the in-game overlay option.
  • Disable this option too. 
  • Click on the download button and then clear the cache here. 

You can end this task now. Refresh the application, hope you’ll be able to play the application now without facing the Graphics Device Driver Error Code 22

3. Update The Window

If you are having the old version of the window then this will be unable to support the applications. Games are one of them. Hence, you should update the window so that it can support all the applications smoothly. 

You can check the update from the settings and update the window whenever the update is available. The latest version of Windows will also have more features and will be able to run applications smoothly. Hence there are fewer MW2 errors occurring chances with the updated version. 

4. Repair The File

You can fix the fault by repairing the file. You can repair the file by verifying the integrity of the gaming file. You can verify the integrity of the gaming file by following the below-given step;

  • Open the Steam library and click on the MW2 option.
  • Go to its properties by right-clicking on the game.
  • Find and click on the local tab option.
  • Here you can click on the “verify the integrity of the gaming files” option to verify the files.

Once completed you will be able to play the game without facing the Tarkov Game Aborted Error


The cod mw2 error can be a frustrating obstacle for players looking to enjoy this iconic game. However, with the troubleshooting steps outlined in this blog post, you can fix the fault

Follow the steps provided including updating the window, running the game as an administrator, and repairing the gaming file, to fix the error. Soon you’ll be back in action. 

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