How to Fix Darktide Backend Error Signing In in 5 Minutes

Darktide is an online multiplayer game that allows players to cooperate with each other and fight against monsters. However, some players may experience issues while trying to sign in to the game due to the “darktide backend error signing in” error message. This error can occur for various reasons, including game server problems and unverified game files.

If you’re encountering this error, there are several steps you can take to fix the “darktide backend error signing in” message. In this article, we will go through each of these potential solutions in detail to help you get back to playing Darktide without any hindrances. By following these steps, you can hopefully overcome the backend error signing-in issue and start enjoying the game again.

Causes Of The Error: Darktide Backend Error Signing In

There are the following causes behind the “darktide backend error signing in” error message:

1. Unverified Game Files

If you try to play the game with an unverified game file, you may face a darktide game error. After installing and before playing the game, it is required to verify it from the local file tab opinion.

You may encounter the “darktide backend error signing in” error message if you don’t follow the recommendations.

2. Internet Connection

The internet is mandatory for the proper working of any online available software or program. If you fail to provide the connection to any online software, it may show an error and fail to start.

The games may behave similarly. If you prove a poor connection to the game, it may show Darktide Error 2006. The “darktide backend error signing in” error message is one of them.

3. Gaming Server

It is the other important cause behind the error. If the server is showing downtime, there is a high probability that you will not be able to play the game.

The server may show downtime for various reasons. One of them is maintenance. If the game is under maintenance, then it may show downtime. Hence, you cannot play games.

No More Darktide Backend Error Signing In! Here’s How to Fix It

There are the following things you can do to fix the error message:

1. Check The Server

This step is not to fix the “darktide backend error signing in” error message. This is the step to ensure whether there is an issue from your end or the gaming end causing the error. If the error occurs due to server downtime, then this is because of a gaming backend issue.

In this situation, you cannot do anything to fix the Darktide Long Load Times Error. You can wait for the server’s uptime to fix the error. If the server is showing up time, and you are facing the error, then the other steps you can check to fix the error.

2. Check your Internet Connection

This is the next step to ensure the cause of the error. If the internet connection is the cause of the error, then the game may show an error. Not only games, but other programs may also fail to work usually. In this case, you can fix the internet to fix the error. The internet can be fixed in many ways.

Either update to the better service plan, restart the router or find and fix any physical bend in error. These steps can ensure you provide a better connection to the game so that it can work without showing errors.

3. Restore Firewall Setting

The next step to fix the error is restoring the firewall to the default settings. Such a configuration can allow the firewall to run the game normally. Otherwise, the game may show an error.

You can take the following steps to restore the default to the firewall.

  • Press Window + R Key.
  • A box will appear. Type Firewall.cpl then run prompt.
  • Check the restore default opinion from the right-side menu of the list, and click on it.
  • Click again on the restore default and confirm your action.

After this, the firewall will be restored to the default, and you can play the game without Error Code 10022 in Darktide.

4. Verify The Game Files

You can fix the error by verifying the game files. If the game files are not verified, then these may cause an interruption of the game. The error may also occur due to unverified file games. You can take the following steps to verify the game files.

  • Open the Steam library and proceed to the Warhammer 4K‘s properties
  • Here you can select the option of the local files tab.
  • Here it will ask you to verify the integrity of the game files. You can click on the verify integrity of the game files option to confirm the verification.

After these steps, try to refresh the game and start playing again. The game will likely not show you this error again shortly.

5. Enable VPN

Enabling the VPN can fix the Darktide Weekly Contracts Not Working error. Many players across the world reckoned the use of VPN to fix the error. The exact reason behind this is still unknown, but using the VPN and changing the location somewhere in other countries can fix the error.

This may be because, in some countries, the authorities have banned the services of the darktide.


In conclusion, the “backend error signing in” message can be frustrating for Darktide players who are eager to dive into the game. However, by taking the necessary steps outlined in this article, you can resolve the issue and continue playing without any interruptions. It’s essential to remember that server issues can arise, and the above-mentioned steps are necessary to follow to overcome the error.

By verifying game files, Fixing the internet, and enabling VPN when necessary, you can address the error and get back to playing Darktide. With patience and perseverance, you’ll be able to overcome any issues and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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