Why Does Tv Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi? [8 Solutions]

Why Does Tv Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi? You’re not the only one, many smart TV users have encountered the same problem as you. In reality, there are numerous reasons why this occurs.

Do you want to discover why Why Does Tv Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi? If so, continue reading. In this article, we’ve prepared a list of some of the most prevalent issues and solutions to them.

Reasons Why Does Tv Keep Disconnecting From Wi-fi?

Reasons Why Does Tv Keep Disconnecting From The Wi-fi

Before getting the solution to why does tv keep disconnecting from wi-fi. Let us try to find the reasons that created these problems. 

#1: The Location of Your wi-fi Router

The main cause why does tv keep disconnecting from wi-fi is that the signal is being intercepted by its environment. 

There is far too much clogging or tampering with the connection before it reaches any device that requires it.


  • Try moving your router to a different location to resolve this issue. Preferably in a more central section of your house.
  • However, if this solution fails, and tv keeps disconnecting from wifi, you might also want to consider employing a wireless router. It will decide your home’s weakest points.

#2: Signal Interference

Signal interference is another reason of why does tv keep disconnecting from wi-fi. 

Numerous devices are distributing their signals, and some may be directing their signals in the direction your smart TV requires. 

It could be a wireless connectivity game controller, mobile phones, baby monitors, or even ovens. 

Such elements may obstruct your smart TV’s ability to maintain a connection and smart tv keeps disconnecting from wifi.


These are some of the simplest ways to resolve this issue is given as:

  • Position your router near your Smart TV, as a strong signal is always beneficial.
  • If there will be any metal objects in your TV and wireless connection path, remove them because they cause persistent signal interference.

#3: You’re using the Guest Mode

One of the widespread reasons why does tv keep disconnecting from wi-fi is that some users use the “Guest Mode.”

Some routes now include a “Guest Mode.” This allows devices to connect to your system. This method, however, will conflict with your Smart TV’s auto Internet connection setting feature.

To see if your router has a Guest Mode, look for dual SSID support: distinctive router-id and SSID. 

It is pretty feasible that you’ve set up an intricate guest mode over a WAP or wireless entry point. If it has, ensures that it is turned off.

 #4: You Are Using A Wireless Connection

Wireless connection is an other reason of why does tv keep disconnecting from wi-fi. Most Smart TVs, mainly those sold in the United States, employ wireless connections.

Some feature connectors permit a cable connection.

And from the other hand, some home routers offer 2-8 access points ports. However, if your router is near your TV, you could sidestep the whole connection difficulty by using an inexpensive Ethernet cord to link your router to your TV.

However, you never have signal troubles when utilizing your smart TV with a wired connection.

  #5: Unauthorised Devices Or Users Wander Your Wi-Fi

It is an other reason of why does tv keep disconnecting from wi-fi. When illegal devices or users connect to your wi-fi, it slows down. 

To prevent tv keeps disconnecting from wifi and safeguard your Smart TV from dropping its Internet connection, you should change the security settings as quickly as possible. 

Primarily if the network uses WEP or is open. 

An unprotected connection, it appears, makes it easier for people to use your wi-fi without your consent.

 #6: Connection Buffering

Connection buffering add a reason to why does tv keep disconnecting from wi-fi. If multiple devices are using your router or network simultaneously, your bandwidth may become congested, resulting in buffering issues.

Connectivity depends upon the nature of your Internet connection and even your Internet Service Provider. 

So you may experience slow internet speeds during peak demand periods in your area. 

In reality, this may cause buffering issues, so your smart TV keeps losing connectivity.

Consider upgrading your subscription to higher bandwidth to eliminate such issues and have a lag-free watching experience. 

This will solve the problems caused by network congestion.

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How To Fix The Issue Of Why Does TV Keep Disconnecting From Wi-fi?

How To Fix Why Does TV Keep Disconnecting From The Wi-fi

After discussing the reasons, let’s know discuss the tips that will help you to solve the problem of why does TV keep disconnecting from wi-fi.

1.    Move The Router Closer

This is the easiest solution of why does TV keep disconnecting from wi-fi. Router problems are the most typical cause of TV disconnections. To begin, your router should be in the proper location. 

That seems to be; it wouldn’t be too far away from your television. It’s particularly true unless you want to watch HD movies and TV shows.

When you have an outdated wi-fi router, it may not have had an extensive signal range. 

If you’re experiencing disconnection troubles, you may move the router near the device. The signal strength would improve as a result of this.

If you are still thinking that why does tv Keep disconnecting from wi-fi, continue reading.

2.    Move The Router Further Away.

I understand what you’re thinking. We just discussed putting the router closer, and now I’m advising you to move it farther away. Allow me to explain.

You must locate the sweet spot for your router. That is, neither too close nor too far away from the television. 

The distance between your TV and router should be one meter or three feet. If yours is nearby, move it farther away.

Once your router has been relocated, try to see whether your TV has still been experiencing difficulties connecting to it.

3.    Restart The TV And Reboot The Router

so why would you restart your TV and router? Because these are excellent methods for forcing your devices to perform effectively again.

If your router or TV starts to malfunction, a simple reset and rebooting can resolve the issue.

To restart your television, perform the following steps.

  • Using the power button, switch off the television.
  •  Connect the TV to the power supply. Wait for 2 minutes
  • Reconnect it to the power source.
  • Restart it by pressing the power button.
  • Follow these instructions to restart your router.
  • Disconnect the power cable from the back of the router. Wait 15 seconds before proceeding.
  • Reconnect the router’s power cable.
  • Wait for the router to restart. When the lights come back on, it is finished.

After restarting your TV and rebooting your router, check your TV’s internet connection.

4.    Check Your wi-fi Speed To Fix It Disconnection Problems

Check your wi-fi speed before assuming that any disconnection issues are the TV’s fault. 

This will allow you to determine whether your connection is quick enough to stream TV shows and movies.

The good news is that determining your wi-fi speed is straightforward. Numerous websites will instantly tell you your speed.

So, how quick should your internet connection be to stream HD content to your TV? The following information will help you get started.

  • For standard definition viewing, a download speed of at least 3 megabits per second (Mbps) is required.
  • A download speed of 5 Mbps would allow you to stream HD programs and movies with ease.
  • A download speed of 25 Mbps would allow the user to access 4K Ultra HD video. 
  • A download speed of 25 Mbps would allow the user to access 4K Ultra HD video. 
  • It would help if you thought about getting a connection with at least 200 Mbps.
  • Streaming does not necessitate a fast upload speed. Because streaming is a download, the uploading speed of your internet is unimportant.

So, now that you know how fast your internet should be, you should verify your wi-fi download speed. 

If yours isn’t doing as well as it should, consider rebooting the router. Contact your service provider if the internet is still slow after rebooting.

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5. Remove Any Obstructions Between The TV And The Router

Removing obstructions can solve the problem of why does TV keep disconnecting from wi-fi.

Your TV may be disconnecting because anything interferes with the router’s clear connection. 

Your wi-fi signal was designed to travel through walls and around corners in your home. 

However, too many impediments to your router will inevitably slow down the connection.

If there are any significant obstacles between your TV and your router, relocate the router closer to the TV.

After you’ve relocated the router, check whether your TV is still struggling to maintain an internet connection.

If you are still thinking that why does tv Keep disconnecting from wi-fi, continue reading.

6. Remove Any Interfering Devices.

Routers are a little distant. Some people are susceptible to the presence of other wireless gadgets. 

If your router is too close to a wireless device, you may experience connectivity issues.

But, what kind of wireless gadgets am I referring to? Any of the following should not be too close to your router.

  • Ovens for microwaving
  • Phones with no cords
  • Monitors for infants
  • Automated garage door openers
  • Toys that operate wirelessly

If your router is close to one of these devices, move it away from it and then test the connection to your TV. To avoid interference, you can also turn the gadget off.

7. Update Your System

If your TV is having trouble maintaining a connection, it may be due to a system upgrade. 

System updates have the potential to improve your network connectivity.

What if you don’t know how to execute a system upgrade on your television? 

Then there are all the directions you’ll require. (Keep in mind that the selections presented on your TV will vary depending on the model.)

  • On your TV remote, press the “HOME” button.
  • Go to the “SETTINGS” menu.
  • Select the “ABOUT THIS TV” option.
  • You will then see an option to check for updates and perform updates if any are available.

Check your internet connection to your TV after updating your system to see if it has improved.

Last but not least solution of why does tv Keep disconnecting from wi-fi, is using an ethernet connection.

8. Use an Ethernet Connection

This will be tricky solution of why does tv Keep disconnecting from wi-fi. A wired ethernet connection is more powerful than a wireless connection. This is because connected connections minimize any signal interference issues.

An ethernet cable is required to establish a wired connection. These are reasonably priced and come in a range of lengths.

Here’s how to connect to the internet through ethernet.

  • Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the back of the television.
  • Connect the other end of the ethernet wire to the router’s ethernet port on the back.

Check to see if your TV is still disconnecting from your wi-fi after setting up your wired connection.


The answer of your question why does tv Keep disconnecting from wi-fi is given in details. If your TV continues disconnecting from wi-fi, I’m confident that the suggestions in this post will assist you in resolving the issue.

These solution will prove very valuable for you. We hope so.

If there is any concern please let us know.

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