Why Are Microsoft Surface Laptops So Expensive?

The laptop is a dire need for every person. If you are a teacher or student., you may need to buy a computer. The demand for Microsoft Surface Laptops is emerging among freelancers who use them to perform their professional tasks. Technological advancement has also added to the demand value of laptops.

Moreover, in the recent past, when schools were closed and all classes were shifted to online, most people only relied on laptops to take courses. Such an emerging scenario can also force you to buy a laptop. When choosing a computer, you may consider the Microsoft laptop.

The prices of these laptops are high, which is why they are expensive, and then you may ask why. If you think the same, then you are reading the right article. We will discuss some reasons. Please stay connected with the AishIdeas team.

Reasons Behind Microsoft Surface Laptops are so Expensive

Dell, HP, and a lot of other companies are manufacturers of laptops. Microsoft is also one of them.  While comparing with other devices, Microsoft Surface laptops are expensive. There are the following reasons behind that.

microsoft surface laptop

1. Simplicity

This is the first answer to your question, “Why are Microsoft Surface Laptops so Expensive?” The best feature of these devices is that they are made with a simple design. We have seen that with the advancement of technology, people prefer simple things over complex ones. 

Not only this, but other relevant things are also emerging in simple ways. Even logos are getting simpler nowadays. People prefer more superficial things, and the price is high due to high demand.

2. Classic Design

The simplicity and design make it unique from the other market products. The design is so simple and eye catchy. The weight is meager. You will never feel a burden while carrying it.

The keyboard of the laptops provided the touch sensor. Even HD graphics have touch sensors. When the laptops get the brand tag Microsoft, the price automatically increases.

3. Business Class Orientation

Microsoft is a branded company. Hence its products are for business-oriented people. These people demand more quality. The price does not matter to them. Microsoft fulfills their demand by providing powerful full Windows ten pro features and other quality features. 

This feature enables the companies to ensure their security and perform extra enterprise management tasks.

4. Brand Tags

These brands are available that have built up their reputation in the market. Microsoft is one of them, and when such a brand launches, it quickly gets people’s attention.

Microsoft is one of them; when people see branded tags, they automatically trust the quality and prices. Hence the product’s demand increases, and prices also increase.

5. Premium Quality

This is another solid answer to your question, “Why are Microsoft Surface Laptops so Expensive?”The other factor that increases the prices of these laptops is their premium build. Microsoft has some premium features that other laptops lack. The Gen processor in the Microsoft laptop increases its value. 

The Gen processor offers the best speed and overall best performance. Using this process on your laptop, you need not worry about the laptop’s speed or interruption.

Why Buy Microsoft Laptops, Then?

After reading the above arguments and the Microsoft label price, you may think, why these laptops, then? Brands are available in the market. You can buy from them too. But some features make Microsoft laptops different from other brands. 

Why Buy Microsoft Laptops

Despite the high prices, people still prefer the Microsoft laptop to the other latest brands. These features are given below. 

1. Battery Life

Microsoft has a long battery life. The long battery life means you can rely on the work longer. The average battery lifespan for Microsoft laptops is almost 17.5 hours. You can easily reset your Laptop Battery chip

Not only this, but it also provides the features of fast charging. Within hours you can charge the battery and then rely on it for more than half of the day.

2. Windows Hello IR camera

Microsoft ensures the security and safety of your work and your company credentials. This kit comes with the latest Windows Hello IR camera feature. This feature allows you to log in by recognizing your face. 

There is no need to type the password. You are not required to remember the password because it can recognize your face and allow you to log in. 


As we have seen, laptops are a necessary part of anyone’s life. A lot of laptop brands are available in the market. Microsoft is one of them, but it is a comparatively more expensive brand than others. You may wonder why these laptops are so expensive. We have answered the above one. I hope that will satisfy your curiosity about this brand.

However, if these are expensive, it is not the right choice to ignore them and pick other brands. We have listed some top features only a Microsoft laptop offers. Other brands do not hold such qualities. Hence you can rely on a Microsoft laptop instead of an expensive one

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