Why Xfinity Internet Keeps Cutting Out? 9 Tested Solutions

If you’re an Xfinity client, you’re familiar with the issue: your Xfinity internet keeps cutting out no matter what you do. It may be during a Zoom call with your employer or a gaming session with your pals. 

Whichever one it is, it is vexing. Fortunately, there are some relatively straightforward solutions to this difficulty in the short term and some things you can do in the long run to make it easier.

You can prevent the problem of “xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting” by some methods. Continue reading this article to learn about the various ways to maintain your Xfinity service operational and possibly even strengthen your connection.

Why Does Xfinity’s internet keep cutting out?

There are numerous reasons why your Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting, just like any other technical issue. 

There are some more usual explanations, and then there are other strange ones that seem to be appearing more frequently. 

Let’s look at the most common problems due to which Xfinity’s internet keeps cutting out.

1 A Bad Router

If your Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting, a bad router may be the reason. 

You may experience brief WiFi outages if your wireless router resets, scans channels, or reboots. This will be the reason that your Xfinity internet keeps cutting out.

You could attempt a factory reset on your Xfinity Hub or turn off WiFi and use a Dedicated WiFi Router instead. 

This device connects to your Xfinity Hub via an Ethernet connection and handles all wireless functions for you.

When your Xfinity router has problems, it will usually display a solid error message, such as limited WiFi or no internet

This usually means that your WiFi is working correctly, but it cannot access the internet once a device is connected to your Xfinity hub.

The next reason behind your Xfinity internet keeps cutting out is Misconfigured WiFi Network

2 A Misconfigured WiFi Network

We’ve all tampered with settings we weren’t allowed to, which can occasionally cause significant issues with our internet. This issue will be the reason that your Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting. 

If you suspect something has gone wrong or that something has been disabled that you did not intend, you can contact the Xfinity support team and ask for help. 

A defective Xfinity wall box may be issued in rare situations. 

Your cable connection may lose continuity sporadically due to a loose connection, a damaged socket, or bent pins.

The fault line may also be the answer to the question of why Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting.

3 A Faulty Line

This can also be a solid reason that your Xfinity internet keeps cutting out. Your Xfinity connection may go down in rare situations due to a street-level problem.

The infrastructure that powers the Xfinity network may get damaged or rusted from time to time, prompting an evaluation by their skilled professionals

If this is confirmed, you must schedule an appointment with a technician to evaluate your connection.

You’ll also notice a slew of other cues. 

If your Xfinity WiFi goes out (the WiFi symbol disappears and then returns to your device), you can almost certainly assume that your WiFi router, or possibly a wireless extender, is resetting or losing the connection.

WiFi Interference may also be the answer to the question of why Xfinity’s internet keeps cutting out.

4 WiFi Interference

WiFi Interference may be a reason that Xfinity’s internet keeps cutting out. Radio signals can disrupt your WiFi connection

There are numerous products in your home that interfere with these networks.

Cordless phones, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, Alexas, Google Homes, garage door openers, microwaves, smart TVs, and anything else that uses the internet or radio waves are examples of these.

To solve why Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting, avoid grouping your electronics. It may also be beneficial to turn off devices that you do not use daily.

Service Outage may be the last but not least answer to the question of why Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting.

5 Service Outage

If your Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting, the device driver or firmware may need to be upgraded. 

These are minor pieces of the puzzle, yet they have the potential to cause significant problems. Upgrade your router’s firmware or the router’s firmware to the most recent version.

The most straightforward approach is to call your ISP and have them do it for you.

How To Fix The Xfinity Disconnection Problem?

You won’t need a technician or an expert to solve the problem after identifying it.

I’ve listed all of the possible solutions for each of them.

You should try the following steps: These steps will solve the problem of “Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting

 1 Inspect The Cables

Have you double-checked your cabling? It’s conceivable that your Xfinity internet keeps cutting out due to a faulty cable.

Check to see if the cables are still in good condition. If they become loose, gently twist them to see if the connection is restored.

If it is restored while being held in a specific manner, there is a loose connection.

Also, inspect the cable for potential damage or whether the insulation tape has come loose. If the cable is severely damaged, it should be replaced.

2 Move The Router

The location of your router is crucial. If it’s near the ground, consider putting it higher, preferably above the ground. 

If you attempt to connect to the internet from a distant room or the outdoors, your connection may be disturbed.

Make sure your router is not in a closet or a crowded room with many room decorations. This can potentially interfere with your connectivity.

I recently discovered this problem when the router was hidden beneath my newly attractive vase behind one of the side tables!

I am still observing that Xfinity’s internet keeps cutting out. Don’t worry, continue reading.

3 Clean Your Router

If your Xfinity internet keeps cutting out, clean your router time by time. Purchasing new gadgets to use for the rest of your life might be money and time-consuming. You must, without a doubt, take good care of whatever you have.

It is critical to maintain it clean. Dust particles accumulate on the machine, reducing connectivity.

Check for dust specks in the ports, as they are frequently designed to be left open.

4 Minimise Connected Devices

A high number of connected devices may be the reason that Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting. Do you have a lot of devices connected to your router? This has the potential to overburden the internet’s bandwidth.

Disconnect any devices that aren’t necessary. This can dramatically boost your internet speed and lessen the likelihood of disruption.

Still, observing that Xfinity internet keeps cutting out? Don’t worry, continue reading

5 Reset/Restart Your Router

If your Xfinity internet keeps cutting out, restart your router. You can also try resetting it using the following simple steps:

1.    After turning off the device, unplug the network and modem.

2.    After a few seconds, plug it back in and wait for the connection.

3.    Connect the gadget to your home network and turn it on.

6 Disable Security Software

If your Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting, disable the security software. You may have observed that security software frequently prevents you from seeing particular results owing to safety and privacy concerns.

This could be why your Xfinity internet keeps cutting out. Disable the security program (for the time being) and try connecting again.

7 Reinstall Operating System

If your Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting, reinstall the operating system. Reinstalling your operating system is the most effective solution to your problem

This will aid in the resolution of any bugs and the updating of all software to the most recent versions. 

Reinstalling your operating system takes a long time, but it is a decent last-ditch effort for computers with several faults.

Still, observing that Xfinity internet keeps cutting out? Don’t worry, continue reading

8 Use Ethernet

Use ethernet to solve the problem of why Xfinity’s internet keeps cutting out. If you frequently game or attend Zoom calls, the best thing you can do is connect to the internet using a hardwired ethernet cable

This may confine you to a single place but significantly improve performance. If you’re connected by Ethernet and still experiencing connection issues, it’s most likely a problem with your ISP.

I am still observing that Xfinity’s internet keeps cutting out. Don’t worry, try this last but not least solution.

9 Use a Better Adblocker

If your Xfinity internet keeps cutting out, use an ad blocker to prevent this problem. An ad might occasionally slow down your PC. 

Ads will do whatever to get your attention, implying they will be graphically heavy. Install an ad blocker to improve your connection and avoid what appears to be disconnected.

Recommended Reading

How To Get A Better WiFi Connection?

Keeping a decent WiFi connection can be challenging, and it requires some effort. 

This is something you cannot tolerate. It is advisable not to rely on WiFi if you require a robust connection for work or games. 

Instead, an ethernet cable should be used. 

However, if you must (or want to) utilize WiFi, there are certain things you can do to improve your connection:

  • When possible, move closer to your router.
  • Check to see if your machine has the most recent upgrades.
  • Repair or replace your router.
  • Unplug your router regularly and restart it.
  • Turn off any equipment that consumes bandwidth.
  • Try to keep activities like streaming or video calls to a minimum.

Sometimes you have to acknowledge that you don’t have enough bandwidth and improve your plan. This can be costly, but it will assist in alleviating your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My Xfinity Bill Keep Going Up?

It could be a result of exceeding the data limit. A high-speed set may potentially raise your bills.
According to Comcast, the main reason for the increased rate for its customers is the expense of programming.

Can I Cancel Xfinity TV and Keep the Internet?

You certainly can. Comcast gives its customers the option of putting certain services on hold if they will be away for an extended period.

How Can I Get Xfinity To Lower My Bill?

Try not to consume more data than the set limit. Reduce internet speed and connect just a restricted number of devices to your Xfinity service.


If your Xfinity internet keeps cutting out, remember that you are not alone and that it happens to most of us on occasion. 

We have provided you with solutions. Using these tested solutions you can get rid of why Xfinity’s internet keeps cutting out. For any query please let us know.

Hope this will prove helpful for you.

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