How to Play Cool Math Games Clicker Heroes?

Cool Math Games Clicker Heroes is a fun and addictive incremental clicker game that can be played for free on the Cool Math Games website. With simple gameplay and plenty of upgrades to unlock, Clicker Heroes is easy to pick up but can take a long time to master.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to start playing and succeeding at this popular math game.

What is Cool Math Games Clicker Heroes?

Clicker Heroes is an “idle incremental” game created by Playsaurus. The basic goal of the game is to defeat monsters by clicking on them, earning gold, and using that gold to hire heroes and purchase upgrades. As you earn more gold and damage per click, you can defeat stronger monsters, advancing further through the levels.

The “idle” element comes from the fact that you can keep accumulating gold and damage even when you’re not actively playing. Your damage and gold per second continue to tick up thanks to your heroes and upgrades. This means you can close the game, come back later, and have made a lot of progress.

The “incremental” aspect refers to the escalating progression. The more you play and upgrade, the faster you accumulate resources and power. Soon numbers start getting very big as the game relies on exponential growth to keep things interesting.

Getting Started with Clicker Heroes

When you first start playing Cool Math Games Clicker Heroes, you’ll be faced with a simple interface. At the center is your character, ready to swing their sword at the monster in front of them. Below are buttons to hire heroes, purchase upgrades, and more.

To play, simply click on the monster to attack it. Each click does 1 damage initially. Once you inflict 10 damage, the monster will die and a new, slightly stronger monster will take its place. Killing monsters earns you gold, which is displayed at the top of the screen.

As you accumulate gold, you can spend it on hiring heroes and purchasing upgrades. Here are the key elements of the interface:

  • Monster – The enemy you need to defeat. Click on it to attack.
  • Gold – Your cumulative amount of gold earned so far. Used to hire heroes and purchase upgrades.
  • DPS – Your damage per second, counting your clicking and your heroes’ combined damage.
  • Click Damage – The amount of damage you inflict per click. This can be increased through upgrades.
  • Heroes – Heroes you can hire who will automatically attack for you. Each provides DPS.
  • Upgrades – Various upgrades to improve clicking damage, gold earned, DPS, heroes, and more.

The core gameplay loop is very straightforward – click on monsters to kill them, earn gold, hire heroes and purchase upgrades, defeat stronger monsters, earn even more gold, and continue upgrading. But there is a lot of depth hidden behind this simple premise.


Heroes of Clicker Heroes Cool Math are allies you can hire that will automatically attack monsters for you. Each hero has their own DPS value and cost. As you hire more and more heroes, your total DPS will skyrocket.

There are dozens of unique heroes to unlock and upgrade. Each hero has their abilities and bonuses. For example, some boost your gold or DPS, while others improve clicking damage or lower hiring costs for other heroes.

The various heroes include:

  1. Ivan – The starter hero. Cheap to hire with mediocre DPS.
  2. Brittany – Boosts DPS and gold earnings.
  3. Fisherman – Improves click damage.
  4. Betty – Good early damage dealer.
  5. Samurai – Powerful hero that multiplies DPS.
  6. Forest Seer – Provides large damage and gold boosts.
  7. Alexa – Has skills that lower hiring costs for other heroes.
  8. Natalia – Significant DPS and gold boosts.
  9. Mercedes – Reduces ability cooldowns and improves crits.
  10. Bobby – Gold bonuses and extra starting gold.
  11. Broyle – Click damage buffs and gold skills.
  12. Sir George – Massive DPS multiplier potential.
  13. King Midas – Major gold earnings buff.
  14. Referi – Decreases ability cooldowns.
  15. Abaddon – Powerful DPS and click damage buffs.
  16. Ma Zhu – Large damage multiplier and gold skills.
  17. And many more!


Upgrades are permanent boosts and bonuses you can purchase to grow stronger. There are dozens of upgrades across multiple categories:

  1. Damage – Increase your click damage.
  2. Gold – Improve your gold bonuses and earnings.
  3. DPS – Boost your overall DPS.
  4. Hero Cost – Reduce the hiring and upgrade costs for heroes.
  5. Skills – Improve hero abilities and cooldowns.
  6. Automation – Unlocks auto-clicking and progression.

Some key early game upgrades to focus on include:

  1. Power Surge – Doubles your click damage.
  2. Golden Clicks – Gives clicks a chance to give bonus gold.
  3. Mega Bucks – Increases gold earned from monsters.
  4. Double DPS – Doubles your overall DPS.
  5. 10x Gold – Multiplies gold earnings by 10x.

Make sure to frequently check the upgrades available and purchase any affordable ones that will give you helpful boosts clicker heroes – play it now at coolmath games. The upgrades will get extremely powerful in the late game.

Ascension and Transcendence

After reaching zone 100, you’ll unlock the ability to Ascend. Ascending resets your progress, but allows you to earn Hero Souls – special points that persist through ascensions and make you stronger.

Hero souls can be spent to:

  • Give a 10% DPS boost
  • Increase gold earnings
  • Improve crit chance/damage
  • Upgrade ancients (more on these later)

Ascending is required to make meaningful progress later in the game. The early zones will breeze by thanks to hero souls and ancient bonuses.

After your first ascension, you can also Transcend after reaching zone 300. Transcending is similar to ascending, but resets almost all progress in exchange for Ancient Souls – extremely valuable currency.

Ancient souls are used to upgrade Outsiders – powerful entities that provide game-changing bonuses and abilities.

Ascending and transcending will become critical as you aim to push deeper into the zones and levels of clicker heroes unblocked.


After your first ascension, you’ll be able to summon ancients using hero souls. Ancients provide permanent boosts that make you exponentially stronger with each one unlocked.

Dozens of ancients boost skills, DPS, Automator speed, crit damage, gold earnings, upgrades, and more. Some examples:

  1. Siyalatas – Boosts DPS based on unspent hero souls.
  2. Libertas – Increases gold found from monsters and quests.
  3. Mammon – Major boost to gold earned from abilities.
  4. Mimzee – Significantly increases gold from Treasure Chests.
  5. Solomon – Provides more hero souls from ascensions.
  6. Nogardnit – Increases DPS based on unspent rubies.
  7. Kumawakamaru – Reduces monster HP and increases spawn rate.

Ancients get extremely powerful. Summoning and upgrading the right ones will drive your progression into the late game and beyond.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some helpful tips and strategies to progress quickly in Clicker Heroes:

  • Always keep heroes leveled up and upgraded for maximum DPS.
  • Focus on key early-game upgrades like Power Surge, 10x Gold, and Double DPS.
  • Ascend as soon as progress slows around zone 100. Use hero souls to boost damage and gold.
  • Summon new ancients whenever you can for permanent bonuses. Level up impactful ones.
  • Transcend after zone 300 once it starts taking a long time to reach new zones.
  • Balance clicking with idling to take advantage of skills and Automator.
  • Use rubies to purchase gilds, quick ascensions, and timelapses.
  • Optimize outsiders after transcending for big permanent boosts.
  • Join a clan for bonuses and extra hero souls.
  • Keep leveling new heroes and always watch for skills coming off cooldown.


Clicker Heroes takes the simple concept of clicking on monsters and turns it into an incredibly deep and engaging incremental game. There is always a new upgrade, ancient, outsider, or zone to pursue. It may seem basic early on but quickly becomes challenging and complex.

With a huge amount of heroes, upgrades, ancients, abilities, and strategies, no two playthroughs will be the same. If you enjoy idle and incremental games and want one you can play for hundreds of hours, give Clicker Heroes a try on Cool Math Games Moto X3M! Just remember to close it and get other things done once in a while too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you unlock new heroes?

New heroes automatically unlock as you reach certain levels. You can see the next heroes coming up under the current ones. Ascending and transcending also unlock high tier heroes.

What do rubies do?

Rubies are premium currency earned over time that can purchase gilds, quick ascensions, timelapses, and more. Use them wisely on boosts you need.

Is there a limit to how high of zone you can reach?

No, there is no limit! The zones continue indefinitely, with the game requiring more and more optimization to reach higher numbers.

How do you transcend quickly?

Focus on the bare minimum essential ancient upgrades, maximize Solomon for extra souls, use Timelapses and Quick Ascensions with rubies, and transcend as soon as progress stalls.

What’s the best hero to gild?

There is no single best hero. Good options include Treebeast, Ivan, Brittany, Fisherman, Betty, Samurai, Forest Seer, and Alexa early on. Higher heroes later.

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