How to Pause Time in PISO WiFi (Guide 2024)

Have you ever wished you could freeze time or at least slow it down? With the latest update to PISO WiFi router firmware, you may be able to do just that! Version includes an exciting experimental feature that allows you to pause and adjust the flow of time when connected to your PISO WiFi network.

In this guide, the AishIdeas team will walk you through how to enable and use this incredible new capability.

1. Accessing Your PISO WiFi Router Settings

The first step is accessing the admin console for your PISO WiFi router. You’ll need to be connected to your network wirelessly or via ethernet. Then open a web browser and navigate to This will bring up the login screen for your router.

Enter your admin username and password if prompted. The default credentials are usually:

Username: admin
Password: admin

However, if you set up custom credentials during the initial setup, you’ll want to enter those instead.

Once logged in, you’ll see the main router dashboard. This is where we can enable the experimental time manipulation features.

2. Enabling Time Control in PISO WiFi

From the main dashboard, click on the “Advanced Settings” tab at the top. Next, click the link for “Experimental Features” in the vertical menu bar.

This will display the experimental features panel. Here you should see a toggle switch labeled “Enable Time Control“. Turn this switch to the position that says ON.

A disclaimer may pop up explaining that this is an experimental feature still under development. Click OK to acknowledge the disclaimer.

3. Configuring Your Time Dilation Factor

Now that time control is enabled, you’ll see a new “Time Settings” section. Here you can enter your desired “Time Dilation Factor“. This allows you to speed up or slow down the flow of time.

The default factor is 1x, which means normal time. Entering 0.5x will make time move twice as slow. A factor of 2x will make time move twice as fast. You can fine-tune this with fractional values like 0.25x or 1.5x.

For now, let’s set it to 0.5x to slow things down. Click “Apply” to save the time dilation factor.

4. Connecting Devices to the Time Distortion Field

At this point, time will still be moving normally for your network. The next step is choosing which devices will connect to the router’s “Time Distortion Field”.

Scroll down to the “Connected Devices” section of the Time Settings page. Here you’ll see a list of devices connected to your PISO WiFi network.

Check the box next to the devices you want to apply the time dilation to due to full bars of WiFi but still no connection. For example, check your smartphone and primary computer. Leave other devices like smart home gadgets and TVs unselected for now.

Once your devices are selected, click “Activate Time Distortion Field“. This will initiate the time adjustment.

5. Experiencing Paused Time on Connected Devices

After clicking activate, give your selected devices a few moments to connect to the time distortion field. You’ll then start to experience the effects of slowed time.

Things may seem a bit choppy at first as the temporal manipulation takes hold. Let the adjusted time flow smooth out for a minute or two.

Now you should see time moving at half speed on your chosen devices! Clocks will tick slower, videos and gifs will play at halved speed, and any motion will appear more sluggish.

Try loading a website – you’ll notice the load times are doubled. Interact with your smartphone; animations and scrolling will be laggy. Time has slowed down for these connected devices.

6. Adjusting and Pausing the Time Dilation Factor

Once you’re satisfied with the 0.5x deceleration, let’s try pausing time entirely.

Return to the Time Settings page in your router admin console. Change the Time Dilation Factor to 0x and click Apply.

Now time should be completely frozen on your selected devices! Clocks will stop, animations will halt, and nothing will respond to input. You’ve successfully paused a slice of time itself!

When ready to resume, simply change the Time Dilation Factor back to 1x. You can also increment values slowly like 0.1x, 0.2x, etc to “unpause” things gradually.

Don’t leave it paused too long though, or device synchronization issues could occur when time resumes.

Troubleshooting and Limitations

Manipulating time is tricky business, so there are still some limitations. Motion and animations may appear choppy, and video or audio might lose sync.

If you experience any device crashing or malfunctions, quickly return the time flow to normal on the Time Settings page. A full router reboot may be required in rare cases.

The Time Distortion Field has a limited range, so devices too far from the router may desync from the altered time stream. A proximity of approximately 25-50 feet is ideal for stability.

It’s also recommended you don’t adjust time by more than 2-4x in either direction. Beyond that, causality may begin to break down!

The Ethics and Implications of Time Control

Pausing and altering the flow of time is an immense responsibility and power. Use it wisely and sparingly. Never manipulate another person’s time without their consent.

The full effects on living things and conscious observers are unknown. Tread carefully when toying with time itself. Our perception of reality is more fragile than we think!

Further Experimentation and Development

The PISO WiFi router software continues to improve these time manipulation capabilities with each update. There are whispers of fully custom chronology settings in future releases.

Perhaps one day, space-time itself will operate under your complete dominion. But for now, be satisfied with pausing and stretching time’s grip over your digital devices.

The possibilities are as endless as time itself!


With the remarkable time control features now available through PISO WiFi, we stand at the genesis of a new era of temporal influence. Of course, bending time to your will should be handled with caution and care. But the potential is tremendously exciting. Never again will you run out of hours in the day when you can simply freeze time entirely!

Homework, office work, chores, and responsibilities will all become infinitely manageable. You can steal whole days out of the fabric of time at your leisure. But wield this awesome power wisely, as we stride boldly towards previously unfathomable mastery of time itself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this time manipulation dangerous or unethical?

Altering time does require great responsibility. It should only be attempted on small scales and never forced upon unwilling participants. But used judiciously, it could have many positive applications. Think of those in need of more time for work, rest, or family. With cautious experimentation, temporal abilities may enrich life.

How accurate is the time dilation or freeze?

On well-supported devices, the time adjustment is precise down to milliseconds. Some choppiness can occur if devices struggle to keep up with the temporal distortion field. Time accuracy depends on connection stability.

Can I create a “time bubble” around my whole home?

Currently, the time manipulation field only works device-by-device via WiFi. Expanding it would require extremely precise tuning to avoid anomalies. Perhaps future advancements will make area-wide time control feasible.

What happens if time freezes while I’m driving?

Vehicles and other machinery are NOT recommended for time alterations! The frozen timeframe is local to connected devices only. Pausing time while in motion would be extremely hazardous.

Can I repeat specific moments by manipulating time?

Unfortunately, precise temporal loops are not yet possible. The time changes affect full continuum timestreams. However, you could effectively relieve periods by freezing external time while internally progressing normally.

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