How To Fix Paypal Error 54113?

PayPal is a widely used payment system that offers users a convenient and secure way to make online transactions. However, users may encounter error codes such as PayPal error 54113 while trying to make a payment. This error typically indicates that there is a problem with the buyer’s funding source or PayPal account.

Some of the common reasons for this error code include expired or insufficiently funded credit cards, incorrect billing information, or account restrictions. Resolving this error requires identifying the underlying cause and taking appropriate action.

In this complete guide, the Aishideas team will discuss the reasons behind PayPal error 54113 and provide solutions to help users fix the problem and successfully complete their transactions.

What Is The PayPal Error 54113?

PayPal error 54113 is an error code that can occur when a buyer tries to make a payment with their PayPal account. This error typically indicates that the payment has failed due to a problem with the buyer’s funding source, such as an expired or insufficiently funded credit card, or a problem with the buyer’s PayPal account.

Causes Of The PayPal Error 54113

There are the following causes behind this error:

1. Stored Cache Files

Your system may store the browser cache files. When the system keeps the cache files, these cache files and the PayPal page will interfere. When this happens, your experience will be down, and you will see many errors. PayPal Error 54113 is one of them. Thus, stored cache files are considered one of the causes of the error code.

2. IP Blacklisting

If your IP is blocked, you cannot usually access PayPal. You may face this error. Your IP may be blacked out for various reasons. The Paypal team may have banned your IP address. Or even some local authorities can block you from accessing PayPal. Hence IP blocking is the other cause of PayPal Error 54113.

How To Fix Paypal Error 54113?

There are the following steps to fix the error code 54113:

1. Use a VPN

You can fix the error using a VPN. PayPal may ban some regional IPs or IPs from the countries. Even some authorities may also block your access to PayPal. In this case, it is necessary to access PayPal. You can only do this using a VPN.

how to fix paypal error 54113 step 1

VPN will provide you with a different IP address. With a different identity, you can access PayPal easily. Your experience will improve, and you will not face the error.

2. Clear Your Browsing Data 

It is quite possible that the cache has been stored in your system. These cache files sometimes do more harm than good. You may face various errors, and PayPal Error 54113 is one of them. You can clear the browsing data to fix the error. Clear the browsing data in the following given steps;

  • Open the browser and click on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select the More Tools option from the drop-down menu and click on it.
  • A sidebar will appear. Click on the clear browsing data option.
  • A new page will be visible. You can clear and confirm the clear browsing data by clicking on the button.
  • After this, the cache files and browsing data will be cleared, and you will be less able to see the error.

how to fix paypal error 54113 step 2

3. Refresh The Page

You may face the error due to unknown reasons. In this case, it is necessary to refresh the page. You can refresh the PayPal page by clicking on the rotation error at the top left corner of the screen. After refreshing, the page will get a fresh start, and you will be less able to see the error.

4. Restart Your PC

When the background running application and PayPal page run simultaneously, they may interact with each other. In this case, it is necessary to minimize this interface.

how to fix paypal error 54113 step 3

You can restart your PC to fix Error Code 22. When the PC restarts, it will give a fresh start to the Paypal page and the background running application. The interface will be minimal, and you will be less able to see the error code.

5. Restart Your Internet 

You may need a better internet connection to avoid PayPal Error 54113. The Internet is mandatory to access the online available platform. If you have a poor internet connection, you will be less able to access PayPal’s compulsory files. Hence it is necessary to fix the internet connection.

To improve the internet service connection, you can restart your router. You can find and fix the wire glitch or update your network. All these steps will fix the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG internet error, and you can access PayPal with no error.

6. Contact The Paypal Support

If all the steps mentioned above fail to resolve the issue, then you are left with just one solution to fix the error. Yes, that is reaching out to PayPal support. Tell them the reason or the nature of the error. The expert team will suggest personal and professional ideas to fix the error.

how to fix paypal error 54113 step 4

By following their guidelines, you can fix the error within seconds. They can also fix your IP-related issues so you can access PayPal easily.


PayPal error 54113 can be frustrating for buyers trying to complete transactions through PayPal. The error is typically caused by issues with funding sources or PayPal accounts and can be resolved by verifying and updating information. 

Common solutions include clearing browser data, Fixing the internet, and contacting PayPal customer support for further assistance. It is important for users to be aware of the potential causes of this error code and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue promptly.

By doing so, buyers can ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience when using PayPal for their online transactions.

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