How To Remove Star Symbol In Android | Solved In Easy Steps

Have you ever experienced an issue with an unexpected start symbol. You want to remove star symbol in android appearing in the top right or top left corner.  

This is the primary reason why we chose to write this article to explain what star symbol In android is that display on your phones or tablets, so you can determine if the notifications they represent are necessary or not. we will also discuss how to remove star symbol in android.

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Remember that, due to many icons, we will only focus on the most familiar star symbol In android to help you know it.

What is The Star Symbol In Android?

Do you ever curious what the star symbol In android’s top means? While it usually indicates that you have unread text messages. You might wonder why you can’t see them. 

The star icon is one of many alerts that appear on your android phone that you can enable or disable. Surprisingly, figuring out what it represents and how to turn it off isn’t tricky.

Another option is to press the “Star” icon to clear your messages. It signals the availability of an important notification for you. If you view your texts numerous times a day, this tool will be helpful.

What’s The Star Symbol Called?

The star icon does not represent that your phone is famous worldwide. Instead, it’s supposed to inform you that you’ve activated priority mode. 

Only notifications from contacts you’ve marked as favorites will be sent to you in this mode. Priority Mode is another name for it.

The Disadvantage Of Star Symbol In Android

Disadvantage of star symbol In android

1. Prevents Your Device From Ringing 

If your notification bar has a star icon, you might be asking why your phone doesn’t ring while your system is taking calls. 

It also happen sometimes when you wish to access the Profile’s General Settings. The star symbol In android represents the “Do not disturb” setting in Android Lollipop. 

As a result, if you don’t want to be notified or reminded by any calls, this feature keeps your system silent.

2.  Automatically Disables Message Notification

You’re still interested if you have new texts in your texting system, but because you weren’t informed when they were sent. 

While star symbol In android is shown in your notification bar, you will not receive any response because you will not be updated when new alerts arrive. So you should try to remove star symbol in android.

3.  Automatically Turns Off Alarms

Withstar symbol In android on your notification bar, you will not receive any warning cautions, as this model was designed to avoid any form of notification.

The most concerning aspect of this model is that they are entirely unconscious of calls and texts. If you’re unsatisfied with this mode, you can quickly delete it with just a few clicks.

Why Does My Android Phone Have A Star?

The Star is one of the most recent features accessed through the “interrupt” mode in the settings. If the interrupt mode is set to ‘Priority,’ the star icon shows in the taskbar of your Android phone Lollipop. 

“Priority” ensures that only calls and notifications that you have initially found the appropriate program are received in “Interruptions Mode.”

What Is The Significance Of The Star Symbol in Android?

In Android Lollipop, it’s a brand-new feature. “Priority Interruptions only” is shown by a star. This indicates you will be informed only when important events, such as phone calls, and not for low-priority reminders from apps.

How to Remove Star Symbol In Android Lollipop?

How to Remove Star Symbol In Android Lollipop.png

Today I’m going to show you How to remove star symbol In android.

Take Step 1 To Remove Star Symbol In Android: 

A White Star Icon will appear on your screen, and your phone will not ring, even if you keep it in reset mode.

Take Step 2 To Remove Star Symbol In Android:

Select ‘Sound’ from the ‘Settings’ menu.

Take Step 3 To Remove Star Symbol In Android: 

Go to ‘Interruption‘ and scroll down.

Take Step 4 To Remove Star Symbol In Android: 

Select the first option from the drop-down menu. There are three options available. 

Make an informed decision. Select ‘Always interrupt‘ to remove the icon, and you’re done.

How to Remove Star Symbol In Android like Moto G?

You’re not alone if you’ve experienced the inconvenience of a star next to the battery indicator on your Moto G. The Star is a valuable feature that protects you from receiving unwanted messages. 

You might be asking how to turn off the disruptions if you’re one of those users. Fortunately, you may take a few simple measures to remove the annoying Star.

  • First, double-check that the brightness isn’t turned down.
  • Try beaming a solid light on the phone’s front-facing photodetector if this is the case. 
  • Then, while pressing switch off The power key, unlock your phone.
  • Then, scroll up and down the screen to access the brightness control. 
  • If it doesn’t help, try restarting your phone in repair mode and choosing “wipe data” from the restoration menu.

If the Star has become lodged on your phone’s screen, there are a few options for removing it. You will erase all user data if you choose the factory reset option. 

This can result in a variety of issues. It would be best to lower the brightness on your Moto G. This is the simplest method for removing the Star.

How To Turn Off The Star Next To a Text Message?

A star will appear next to the message if you have an Android phone. This tool allows you to tag a particular message for future reference. Tap the icon to make your text messages favorites. If the star icon is switched on, the contact has turned on Out-of-Office reply. To adjust the settings, go to the top right corner of your Android phone and click the three-dot menu symbol.

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