Eric Greitens’ LinkedIn Profile: Professional Insights


LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professionals to connect, share insights, and showcase their career achievements. Eric Greitens, a former Navy SEAL, Missouri governor, and current political figure, uses his LinkedIn profile to highlight his extensive experience and professional journey. This article explores Eric Greitens’ LinkedIn profile, providing an in-depth look at his career, skills, endorsements, and the insights he shares with his network.

Overview of Eric Greitens’ LinkedIn Profile

Professional Summary

Eric Greitens’ LinkedIn profile features a comprehensive professional summary that encapsulates his diverse career. The summary provides an overview of his military service, political career, philanthropic efforts, and authorship, offering a snapshot of his multifaceted background.

Key Elements

  • Military Service: Highlights his time as a Navy SEAL, including deployments and commendations.
  • Political Career: Details his tenure as the Governor of Missouri and key legislative achievements.
  • Philanthropy: Discusses his founding of The Mission Continues and its impact on veterans.
  • Authorship: Mentions his published books and the themes they explore.

Detailed Experience Section

Military Experience

Eric Greitens’ military experience is a cornerstone of his professional background. His LinkedIn profile details his journey from a young officer to a decorated Navy SEAL, providing insights into the skills and values he developed during his service.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • SEAL Team Leader: Led teams on missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, and Africa.
  • Special Operations: Conducted high-risk operations, including counter-terrorism and hostage rescue.
  • Training and Mentorship: Trained and mentored junior SEALs, emphasizing leadership and resilience.

Political Career

Greitens’ political career is another significant aspect of his LinkedIn profile. He provides a detailed account of his time as the Governor of Missouri, highlighting key initiatives and legislative accomplishments.

Key Achievements

  • Economic Development: Implemented policies to foster business growth and job creation.
  • Education Reform: Advocated for increased funding for charter schools and educational choice.
  • Ethics Reform: Passed comprehensive ethics legislation to increase government transparency.

Philanthropic Efforts

The Mission Continues, a nonprofit organization founded by Greitens, is prominently featured on his LinkedIn profile. This section details the mission and impact of the organization, which supports veterans’ transition to civilian life through community service and leadership opportunities.

Impact and Initiatives

  • Veteran Fellowships: Provides fellowships for veterans to lead community service projects.
  • Community Impact: Highlights the positive effects of veteran-led projects on local communities.
  • Leadership Development: Focuses on developing leadership skills among veterans.


Eric Greitens is also an accomplished author, and his LinkedIn profile includes information about his published works on Eric Greiten’s official website. This section provides an overview of his books and the key themes they explore.

Published Works

  • “The Heart and the Fist”: Chronicles his journey from humanitarian work to becoming a Navy SEAL.
  • “Resilience”: A collection of letters offering advice on building resilience.
  • “The Warrior’s Heart”: A young adult adaptation of “The Heart and the Fist,” focusing on leadership and service.

Skills and Endorsements

Endorsed Skills

Greitens’ LinkedIn profile features a range of endorsed skills that reflect his diverse experiences. These endorsements from colleagues and connections validate his expertise in various areas.

Key Skills

  • Leadership: Endorsed for his ability to lead teams and inspire others.
  • Strategic Planning: Recognized for his strategic thinking and planning capabilities.
  • Public Speaking: Acknowledged for his effective communication and public speaking skills.
  • Nonprofit Management: Endorsed for his experience in founding and managing a successful nonprofit organization.


The recommendations section of Greitens’ profile includes testimonials from individuals who have worked with him in different capacities. These recommendations offer personal insights into his character and professional abilities.

Highlighted Recommendations

  • Military Colleagues: Testimonials from fellow SEALs and military personnel highlighting his leadership and bravery.
  • Political Associates: Recommendations from political colleagues emphasizing his dedication and effectiveness as a governor.
  • Nonprofit Sector: Endorsements from individuals in the nonprofit sector praising his commitment to veterans and community service.

Professional Insights and Thought Leadership

Published Articles

Eric Greitens uses LinkedIn’s publishing platform to share articles and insights on a variety of topics. These articles provide valuable perspectives on leadership, resilience, and public service.

Notable Articles

  • “The Importance of Resilience in Leadership”: Discusses how resilience is a critical trait for effective leaders.
  • “Veterans as Community Leaders”: Explores the potential of veterans to lead and make a positive impact in their communities.
  • “Lessons from the Battlefield to the Boardroom”: Shares leadership lessons from his military experience applicable to business and politics.

Posts and Updates

Greitens regularly posts updates on LinkedIn, sharing news, reflections, and professional milestones. These posts keep his network informed and engaged with his ongoing activities.

Recent Updates

  • Campaign Announcements: Updates on his political campaigns and key policy positions.
  • Veteran Initiatives: Information about new programs and initiatives launched by The Mission Continues.
  • Public Appearances: Details about his speaking engagements and public appearances.

Engagement with Network

Eric Greitens actively engages with his LinkedIn network, responding to comments, participating in discussions, and sharing content from other thought leaders. This engagement fosters a sense of community and enhances his professional connections.

Interaction Strategies

  • Responding to Comments: Regularly replies to comments on his posts, showing appreciation and engaging in dialogue.
  • Sharing Insights: Shares articles and insights from other professionals, contributing to a broader conversation.
  • Networking: Connects with professionals from various fields, expanding his network and influence.

Impact of Eric Greitens’ LinkedIn Presence

Building a Professional Brand

Eric Greitens’ LinkedIn profile helps build a strong professional brand by showcasing his diverse experiences and accomplishments. It positions him as a leader in multiple domains, including military service, politics, and philanthropy.

Influencing Public Discourse

Through his articles and posts, Greitens contributes to public discourse on important issues. His insights on leadership, resilience, and service resonate with a wide audience and influence conversations in these areas.

Inspiring Future Leaders

By sharing his experiences and lessons learned, Greitens inspires future leaders. His commitment to service, resilience, and leadership serves as a model for professionals looking to make a positive impact in their fields.


Eric Greitens’ LinkedIn profile is a comprehensive showcase of his professional journey, skills, and insights. From his military service to his political career and philanthropic efforts, the profile provides a detailed look at the experiences that have shaped him. Through regular updates, published articles, and active engagement, Greitens uses LinkedIn as a platform for thought leadership, influencing public discourse and inspiring his network. Following Eric Greitens on LinkedIn offers valuable insights into the mind of a dedicated leader committed to making a difference.

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